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Launch Options

This document only lists Chaos Source-specific launch options, for a full list of launch options, please see the Valve Developer Wiki page.

-mountmodSpecifies the mod to launch the game with. Must be an absolute path
-nogamemountDo not mount any games/mods specified in the gameinfo mounts block or mounts.kv
-nocustommountDo not mount any folders specified in gameinfo which contain wildcards (* or ?), usually “custom” folders
-legacyuiLaunches the game with the old VGUI GameUI
-devDeveloper mode
-dx11Launch game with DirectX 11 shaderapi (On Linux, this will launch dx11 with dxvk)
-multirun/-allowmultipleDisables the creation of the source engine mutex, and allows the game to start even if one already exists

POSIX-specific options (Not available on Windows)

The following options are only available on Linux currently.

-nomousegrabForbids the game from grabbing the mouse
-exclusivefsRun game with non-desktop friendly fullscreen. This will resize your display resolution (Deprecated)
-noexclusivefsRun game with desktop friendly fullscreen, which is the default regardless (Deprecated)
-d9vkLaunches the game with dx9 through dxvk

Hammer Options

-winecompatRuns hammer with some workarounds for wine bugs/differences