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BSP Support

This is an overview of which versions of the BSP map file format the Chaos engine can launch. Some formats can be converted to a supported version by manipulating the raw binary data, while others would need decompilation with an appropriate tool, which might break certain properties without manual intervention.

Furthermore, it’s not guaranteed that every format that is listed as supported works 100% since there might still be game-specific incompatiblities.

Source 2 is not supported at all as its formats aren’t documented and completely different from what’s supported in Source.

For more details, see the Valve Developer Wiki page.

IdTechAnyQuake 1/2/3NoNoToo different from modern Source
GoldSrcAnyHalf-Life, Team Fortress Classic, CS 1.6NoNoToo different. It’s possible to decompile, and then recompile for Source
Source≤18Vampire: the Masquerade, very old HL2UntestedNoMight work with manual binary editing
Source19-20HL2, TF2, CSSYes-Fully supported
Source20GMod, L4D, Black MesaYes-Map loads, parts might be broken due to missing shaders/scripting, etc.
Source21Portal 2, CSGO, Alien Swarm, any Chaos VBSP compiled mapsYes-Natively supported, preferred for any Chaos game
Source21Left 4 Dead 2NoProbably notCan be fixed by swapping entries in lump headers around, see link above
Source≥22pre-Reborn Dota 2, Contagion, any Respawn Source gamesNoNoToo many undocumented differences to make it worth