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Using Panorama

As of Momentum Mod 0.8.8 and Portal 2: Community Edition 0.5.6, both games ship with Panorama installed.

To use Panorama, you must launch the game without the -legacyui option. P2CE has launch options specifically for Panorama, so Steam should ask you when you’re trying to launch the game. Momentum Mod launches with Panorama by default.

Tinkering with Panorama

All current Chaos engine games do not pack Panorama assets, letting users freely modify them. However, this is subject to change. If <game>/panorama/code.pbin is present, you must extract the contents of <game>/panorama/code.pbin into <game>/panorama/. The code.pbin file is just a signed zip file, so you should be able to open it with a utility such as WinRAR, Ark, or 7-Zip. For Panorama to load the extracted files off the disk instead of from code.pbin, the game needs to be run with -dev.

Keep in mind that code.pbin is signed to prevent modification, and if present it must exist for the game to start with Panorama.

Reloading Your Changes

When running the game with -dev, layouts, styles, and scripts can be reloaded by pressing F7 or F8 with a panel focused. Pressing F7 reloads everything that has changed since the last reload, and F8 forcibly reloads every Panorama UI file.

Panels that use the global v8 context need special care taken when writing scripts. Defining named types such as classes or functions should be completely avoided, since in global contexts, scripts aren’t reloaded, but rather re-executed in the same environment. The main menu’s script is a good example of a “global context safe” script.

Panorama Debugger

The panorama debugger can be enabled by entering panorama_debugger_toggle in the console, or by pressing F6 with a panel focused. The debugger is supported on Windows and Linux.

Developing Panorama

When developing Panorama, it is recommended to use Visual Studio Code with the Panorama CSS Support extension active. This extension is developed by brae, a member of the Momentum team, and the source can be found here. The extension adds several quality of life features, including but not limited to autocomplete and highlighting.

Useful References

The Valve Developer Community wiki has several useful articles to assist with creating a UI in Panorama. Note that these articles target CSGO and do not cover any new Chaos engine features.

  • CSGO CSS Properties - Chaos engine currently uses all the CSS properties of CS:GO.
  • CSGO Panorama Events - A majority of these events are either nonfunctional or not present in the Chaos engine, however general events that do not pertain to CSGO should be present and functional.
  • CSGO Panorama API - Contains many API functions that can be ran in Panorama JavaScript files. Some are specific to CSGO, and either not present or not functional in the Chaos engine.

You can also run these console commands to access up-to-date documentation:

  • dump_panorama_css_properties - Prints a list of the available CSS properties to the console, along with documentation for each property if documentation is written.
  • dump_panorama_events - Prints a list of Panorama events to the console, along with documentation for each event if documentation is written.
  • dump_panorama_js_scopes - Prints a list of the currently available JavaScript API functions to the console, along with documentation for each function if documentation is written.