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Making a mod for P2CE works a bit differently to normal sourcemods. Every P2CE mod includes a .exe file that loads up the installed Steam copy of P2CE and mounts your mod on top of it.

SDK Launcher

The SDK Launcher can be used to set up this entire mod scaffold automatically.

Creating the mod wrapper

The mod wrapper creation python script located at steamapps/common/Portal 2 Community Edition/sdk_tools/ can be used to quickly set up a boilerplate mod wrapper. (Requires python version 3!)


python3 --name "my_mod" --target "C:\Projects\My mod"

This will create a mod wrapper in ‘C:/Projects/My mod with your mod’s content path “my_mod”. If you have a Steam App ID for your mod, enter the parameter --appid

python3 --name "revolution" --target "C:\Projects\Portal Revolution" --appid 601360

A gameinfo.txt template called example_gameinfo.txt will be generated in the content dir. You can remove and replace this with your own gameinfo.txt.

You will find a launch.bat script in the root directory of the mod. This launches modwrapper.exe with the proper command line parameters. Steam mods should directly reference the modwrapper.exe with those parameters in the Steamworks launch configuration

Other than that, modding works exactly like with any other source engine game.