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Chaos Engine Wiki

Welcome to the Chaos engine wiki! This wiki contains documentation that is common to all Chaos-based games.

The markdown sources of the wiki are located here:

If you’d like to contribute, see the Contributing section of this document for more information.


Chaos started development in the June of 2020 as a fork of CSGO’s engine branch with Portal 2 features backported. Since its inception, many features, fixes and other improvements have been made to Chaos, including:

  • Native DirectX 11 renderer
  • Panorama UI
  • DXVK support on Linux for both DirectX 9 and 11
  • 64-bit support (32-bit support has been completely dropped)
  • PBR shading
  • CSM (Originally from CSGO)
  • Backwards compatibility with BSP v19-20, as well as native BSP v21 support
  • Backwards compatibiltiy with TF2/HL2 branch models
  • webm video support, replacing older Bink videos
  • Many improvements to Linux support
  • Fully cross platform engine tools and utils
  • Steam Audio
  • Support for Portals and paint even in non-Portal based mods
  • Many improvements to the Hammer level editor
  • Many code quality improvements (Refactors, cleanup and C++20)
  • Sentry crash report integration
  • And much much more!

If your team has signed an NDA with Valve and would like to join Chaos, please reach out to us at or on our public Discord server

Projects Using Chaos

Right now, the following games are using Chaos:


Anyone can contribute to the wiki. Just fork the repo, commit your changes and open a pull request. Make sure to use appropriate language, and be willing to take feedback on your PR.


Pull requests are thoroughly reviewed before being accepted. All contributions must adhere to these guidelines

Pages have to

  • be related to Chaos Source
  • not be a duplicate of an existing page
  • contain formal, passive language (No I think or Next you go to)

Please do

  • embed images or videos that showcase what is being explained
  • add links wherever possible
  • use proper, rich markdown styling

Please don’t

  • create pages for general Hammer Editor tutorials
  • advertise
  • add malicious links or (any) downloads

Images and other media

Images should be kept in this git repository, as this helps versioning and it ensures the images will always be available.